Production Procedure – Quality

Latex is a natural, very sensitive material, which by the time it is collected – has a specific to-expire time – until it is returned to the factory to start production of condoms. Most condom manufacturers in order to preserve and carry latex into their factories, add chemicals, which does not occur in our case.

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Thailand rubber plantationThe quality of Playboy condoms starts with the high-quality natural latex, which is harvested from the rubber tree plantations in Thailand. Our factory is located right next to the rubber plantations. The natural latex that has been collected, is being transferred to our facilities, without requiring the addition of dangerous chemicals for maintenance. Condoms have a smell, because of the chemicals that have been added to them. Playboy condoms have no chemical or rubber smell. Someone can literally smell the difference in quality, compared to other manufacturers.


playboy condoms quality controlPlayboy condoms do not contain water-based lubricant, such as other condoms’ manufacturers. Water allows for fungi and germs in a closed dark environment, such as the plastic bag in which condoms are enclosed. To prevent this from happening, most manufacturers add chemicals, like nitrosamines, which have been proved to cause cancer. Furthermore, condoms containing water-based lubrication, are fast-drying. This causes, during sex, the condom to remain dry. It results in causing scratches, especially on the walls of the vagina. These abrasions create local infections and develop various microbes afflicting women in the long-term. In many cases, medication is required for a long time. Each condom must remain slick and smooth throughout the course of sex. Playboy condoms are lubricated with silicone from the same natural latex that our condoms are made of. Because they do not contain water, they never get dry and ensure your maximum pleasure. Playboy Condoms contain nitrosamines in very low levels that are not detectable. Particularly friendly even for people with sensitive skin.


playboy condoms quality testing From the beginning of the production process through the end, that condoms are packaged and sealed, each condom is subject to quality control process, thoroughly. The audit complies with internationally recognized standards, including ISO 4074, the ASTM, CNS, and WHO standards. Production takes place in the brand new production facilities in Thailand, which is one of the most modern condom manufacture factory in the world. Fully certified OEM manufacturers with ISO certifications, CE, FDA and WHO, exceeds the international quality standards. Each condom is subject individually to electronic control.